Friday, July 15, 2005


so, on a weekend when I have no childcare and only money enough for bus fare around town, the kids and I will be harry pottering it up, first at octavia books for tonight's party, and then tomorrow, after spending the night with a friend uptown, we'll hit the festivities at my favorite store in new orleans, maple street books.

I don't have any cash to drop on the latest book, or anything else, but hey. nash and liam are hyped up to put on their wizarding robes and see some friends, I am hyped up to get out of the house.

when we get home, we'll listen to the annual joke show of prairie home companion! come on, what a weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


the coroner's report is finally in; ariel gore shares the news and her thoughts.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ants and others

while nick was here he got some kind of bite on his ankle, he kept mentioning it, I guess it was freaking him out, and it happened, he said, the moment that he stepped out of the van, so it began his less than ideal new orleans experience, and then we had the termites swarming and the bees buzzing and all of that. he kept calling it a spider bite, but when he showed it to me just before he left it looked like an ant bite to me. he said, do they always puff up into zitty things like that and I said, well, yeah. can it be that they don't have fire ants in massachusetts? I don't know, but I, who have had a lifetime of ant bites, am now sporting over fifty (count'em) painfully puffed up zitty things on my right leg, and a few scattered elsewhere, as a result of an anthill mishap at the fireworks last night. yeah it really hurts and it's hideous, too.
hope you're feeling better, nick...

today is a kid-free day and I am going to watch panic room, gods & monsters, and il postino. last night I couldn't stay awake during the second half of talk to her, maybe it was the benadryl, which I'd never taken before, or just leftover exhaustion, but I was unmotivated to watch the rest of it over again this morning because, honestly, I found it unenjoyably disturbing and if anyone would like to explain to me what happened in the end please do.

and we have a tropical storm, which, now that the larder is stocked, thrills me. come on, show me what you've got.
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Friday, July 01, 2005

can't be unthunk

I spent ten days in fort worth, texas. there were good times and bad. liam got sick from the gnarly fort worth air and is still recovering, double ear infection & eye infection. nash had a blast at the kid's camp. I stayed busy through good and bad times at the uu general assembly and cursed the lack of rainclouds. and through it all, alli was on my mind, a little each day. now that I'm home and it's quiet and rainy and the termites are still very much in charge of this house, alli is front and center in my thoughts again. it's not something I can run away from.

I was touched by ariel gore's account of her experience of attending alli's funeral. also, I appreciate this obit from austin:

From the Austin Chronicle:
by Abe Louise Young
It is with great sadness that we recognize the passing of Allison Noelle Crews, born Aug. 26, 1982. Hip mama extraordinaire, lesbian, writer, and activist, Allison was the longtime editor and producer of Raised in an evangelical Christian home, Allison grew up in a family active in Operation Rescue. She birthed her son Cade at age 15, refused continual pressure to give him up for adoption, and became a powerful activist. Her story 'When I Was Garbage' describes her experiences as a pregnant teen. Allison was named one of Top 30 Under 30 Activists for Choice by Choice USA in 2003. Crews wrote, 'To radically accept and defend a woman's right to choose, we must acknowledge the multiple ways that women come to make reproductive choices. By marginalizing teenage mothers, even within the feminist community, we are failing to recognize the realities of countless women and their children.' In addition to her work as an activist, Alli had essays in the anthology Breeder: Real Life Stories From the New Generation of Mothers edited by Ariel Gore, worked at BookWoman, and attended Austin Community College. She was a heroine who found her voice within struggle, and inspired countless young women across the nation. Allison died in her home in Austin on Saturday, June 11, 2005. We grieve the loss of a young, fiery mama whose pain persisted though she worked to heal others. We honor her dedicated spirit and wish her the deepest peace. Donations to support her son can be sent by Paypal to The Chronicle offers its deepest condolences to Crews' friends and family, who will honor her memory in services at the Presbyterian Church of Fallbrook, Calif., on Saturday, June 18, 1pm