Wednesday, June 28, 2006

twenty days later

I've been away; I went to St. Louis, and loved it. meanwhile, I want everyone to know about this event on Saturday:

Public Housing Protesters Disrupt Business-as-Usual in the French Quarter, Saturday, July 1st, 2006, 6:00PM, starting at Iberville Development, Basin and Bienville Public housing residents and their supporters are marching on the French Quarter, disrupting the 'business-as-usual' mentality and 'evicting' residents of the wealthy area on Saturday, July 1st. They march for the basic human Right of
Return for all New Orleans citizens.
The protest will begin at 5PM at the Iberville Housing Development (corner of Basin and Bienville) in
downtown New Orleans. At 6:00PM protesters will begin marching through the French Quarter where the economic driving force of New Orleans, our tourism industry, is centralized, and where many residents of public housing were employed. Protesters will hit hotspots to ensure that
tourists are aware that while they are treated to fine foods and entertainment, people not five minutes away remain homeless. Along the way "Eviction Notices" will be delivered to the neighborhood, calling for mixed income redevelopment of the area.
This peaceful but provocative tour through the French Quarter will leave onlookers no choice but to consider the injustices towards residents of public housing in New Orleans.
For more information please see or visit us at 3800 St Bernard Ave, New Orleans.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

going down the only road I've ever known

I am glad to read about what the UUA is up to in terms of disaster recovery down here.
I have had a cold/sinus troubles for more than two straight weeks and it effects my perception of the world. negatively. I am feeling way better today, though, in terms of my sinuses as well as my outlook.
this week is harry potter day camp for my kids and several of those that I work with on a regular basis, and it's good, it's great, but it changes my life in ways that are not easy, like getting up at 6 to pack lunches and spending the day uptown, near where I used to have an office, but you know, I no longer have an office post-flood and that's a drag. I miss my office.
so here I am again on my own at cafe luna, where I've learned the hard way that only some of the outlets work. that's okay. my eyeballs can only take so many solid hours of computer screen staring anyway.
among articles I appreciate this week is this one from Yes magazine.