Friday, June 17, 2005


I just pulled my contributor's copy of Mamaphiles #2: Cutting the Cord out of its envelope. and it's awesome! it's beautiful. I'm sorry that I didn't have the foresight to arrange for bringing a whole stack of them to the southern girls convention with me. but whatever, whatever, whatever.
I have to finish packing, dye my hair, go to the library, bank, post office, etc...
I'm off.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

allison crews

I got a call sunday night, a local friend wanted me to hear it from a real human voice that alli had died over the weekend. I'm sick and sad and angry and thinking of everyone out there who loved alli, of all of her friends and family, and most of all her partner, stepson and son, cade.

here is a post from ariel gore:

The community is heartbroken with the news that Allison Crews, fierce
maternal activist and longtime editor of, has passed away.
She was 22 years old.

Her mom, Kim, asks you to light a candle for Alli.

And to do something in her name. A few suggestions from Girlmom are: Go
back to school, leave a shitty relationship, fall in love, start a
movement, be a kickass mom, get to know the young mama down the block .
. .

For the next issue of Hip Mama, if you have notes, tributes, pictures
or stories about Alli--whether you knew her personally or simply
through her work--please send them my way (even if you've already
posted them online). You can email them to me or snail-mail to Hip
Mama, P.O. Box 12525, Portland, OR 97212. Unless you need them back,
I'll send the originals to Alli's mom for Cade.

A funeral and several memorials and benefits are being planned around
the country. If you'd like information on those, please let me know and
I will make sure you are in the loop as I get details.

The cause of Allison's death is not known right now.

This is from Kim Crews:

Alli's legacy is one hurt person mended at a time. A woman who says to
herself "Yes, I can." Because someone not only said she could, but
stood with her like Allison did. Injecting strength and hope and
bravery into the sad tired heart.

A beautiful mom holding a beautiful baby . . . . her chin up and the
sun shining on her face, smiling and happy. Because she knew she had
Alli on her side.

A legacy written on living hearts. That continues when love flows from
the mommies she loved to the babies and the babies grow strong. And
they love others.

She wanted to change the world.

Safety and enough for all and happiness.

She did her part well.

Please keep me and Cade and Glen and her sister in your best thoughts.
And pray.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

check in

it's been a wacky three weeks. feeling anxious, jumpy, afflicted, plagued, even.

I've been really affected by a shooting that happened in my neighborhood, that was kind of the beginning. everything else pales in comparison. termites swarming in my bedroom, repeatedly. a four day migraine. yellowjackets taking over my backyard. termites swarming in my front room. termites just completely taking over. having a hard time hanging on to my sanity, watching my friends struggle to do the same.

but right this very second, one of my all time favorite songs is playing in the next room: if you want it by badfinger. that might not even be the actual name of the song. you know what I mean. I love that song. that song is the best days of my childhood. yay.

summer is just around the corner and I can't wait to get out of town.
where the dykes are

I'm going to the queer film fest friday night, to see this program (description write-up by mags):

10pm: Where The Dykes Are - This is the buzz-worthy dyke program of the weekend, with "Michigan Fever" starting it off (about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - it still gives me goose bumps after repeated viewings), and "Where The Girls Are" (about the Dinah Shore lesbian extravaganza weekend) sandwiched in the middle. Both are great little short documentaries that are well done and engaging tributes to these humongous lesbian events. And then one of our programming coups of the weekend, "The D Word," a Dyke TV-originated spoof of The L Word set in Brooklyn, featuring more dykes who look like real dykes and an actual butch! Yay! Stars comedians Marga Gomez and Julie Goldman, who should be familiar to most.


I don't think I'll get home from work in time to go to the reception beforehand, or be in any way connected enough to get invited to an after-party, but input on what I should wear is always appreciated regardless...