Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sick days are made of this

since we were all feeling somewhat crappy yesterday, liam helped me with this goofy exercise in self-absorption. it's pretty fun to make your little cartoon self bounce on a pogo stick or pull the sword from the stone...

this one is actually close to realistic - although all meez people are extra skinny.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

jazz fest: opening day

april2007 006
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and the kid's area was so shiny and new. bright, bright, bright.
may day

from the writer's almanac:
Today is May Day, a day on which you should wash your face with morning dew to keep yourself looking young and beautiful. You should also gather wildflowers and green branches, make some floral garlands, and set up a Maypole to dance around.

sure! sometime a few weeks ago, I was thinking about how maybe for may day the kids and I would make may baskets for our neighbors and creep around the neighborhood at dawn, setting out treats... well, maybe next year.