Thursday, June 27, 2002

well who can resist the google game?

I learned it from sholanda. Ya gotta plug your name into google like so: "coleen is"

Coleen is a Sophomore at Florence HS this fall.

Coleen is our first daughter and our fourth child

Coleen is a gentle character and somewhat shy

Coleen is Sales Manager of Weddings in Paradise - Husband John is the Minister.

Coleen is considered one of the top photo retouchers

Coleen is the best source of information I have

Coleen is a 6-year old exposed to the violence of her world at a young age

Coleen is one of the refuge's less floated rivers

Coleen is expecting their first child in a short time

Coleen is a sweet young thing and a dear friend.

Coleen is going to do some fancy stuff with padded accents etc

Coleen is the medical rugby trainer

Coleen is not much of a conversationalist, therefore it was hard to
get into a deep conversation with her.

Coleen is an open-minded person and never forced her
own ideas on me regarding puppy care or other issues

Coleen is a role model to her students in her actions,
respect for her school, and as a member of the community.

Coleen is a former USF graduate student now living
in Iowa.

Coleen is married and has a 5-year old son

Coleen is a member of the American Gourd Society

Coleen is married to Larry Griswold, Illinois District Executive
Secretary- Treasurer, and lives at Lake Williamson Christian Center

Coleen is proud to be 100% Oregonian

Coleen is a poet and artist living in Dallas Texas

Coleen is a talented fabric artist

Coleen is GREAT !

Coleen is a hard worker with strong stick skills both right and left handed.

Coleen is a loving single mother who finds herself starting an affair with Sam's teenage friend, Josh (Ian Somerhalder)

Coleen is showing a visitor to her French Quarter apartment

Coleen is George's former lover

Coleen is always so happy and cheers up everyone with her big smile.

Coleen is worried Lance may turn out like his father

Coleen is from Ekwok, Alaska, and she is also a Yupik Eskimo

Coleen is no better

Coleen is an army brat and bought her first horse in Tripoli,
Libya at the same time Noel was doing his cavalry service.

Coleen is ready to take to the runway!!!!!

Coleen is everything you would expect from your recruiter

Coleen is throwin’ kisses and wavin’ to everybody and making sure they all acknowledge that she’s the Queen

Coleen is a cutie. She was wearing a mini skirt
and duct tape over her boobs (they would leave marks left on her body).

Coleen is an Irish bar free from Guinness-soused cliches

Coleen is available to you for the following rates

Coleen is our CPA

Coleen is Paul's girlfriend, and unfortunatly for her, the target of Travis's hairbrained scheme.

Coleen is a great 14" mohair bear

Coleen is the bait that can bring the hunted to the hunter

Coleen is 40 jaar

Coleen is a dentist

Coleen is our Yorkshie Terrier

coleen is using all her skillls to avvaid them and hurt them

Coleen is about as useful as a kitten.

Coleen is the 917th most popular female first name in the United States

Coleen is probably the most outstanding example of a living true American Patriot, she is so cool

Coleen is survived by two sons

Coleen is a foot and a few inches shorter than Orrin.

Coleen is more excited than I am

Coleen is great, but this is a one shot deal

Coleen is yet another character who finds her life turned upside down

Coleen is just still trying to unearth all that she needs to know to take down the people *who I can not name* she was hired to take down.

Coleen is a threat because she's unpredictable.

coleen is such a whore

Coleen is one hell of a woman

Coleen is an anglicized form, so the particle really doesn't agree in language with the rest of the name

Coleen is happy to discuss any concerns with you

Coleen is incensed by the Morley/RSPCA hypocrisy

"Coleen, is it the medication, or am I seeing double?"

Coleen is now speaking more Furbish than English!

Coleen is funny, actually, she isn't too bad of an actress

Coleen is pulled under the stands by what she thinks is an admirer
and soon it looks bad for her

Jim Benson will tell you with sincerity that Coleen is the cafe!

that was way too entertaining, but the best part was discovering this.
a few weeks ago, a four year old at church said, "you remind me of queen coleen." now I understand.

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