Thursday, August 29, 2002

I had one of those waiting tables dreams last night, but this one wasn't the full on horror of actually doing it - it was just the idea. In my dream I was rushing off to work and then walking down the street realized that I was about to go wait tables. The horror! I stopped, turned around, started looking for a new job.

I went in to Charris Books in atlanta, and my friends were working there - not atlanta friends but new orleans friends. I asked if they'd keep me in mind for any part time help and they said yeah. I said how I'd asked at Charris before and always got blown off. Kami said, "yeah, they only want you if you've been published." and I said, "well now I have been, so I can work here, right?" and she said, "what do you mean here?"

And I looked around and I was not in Charris, the cool feminist bookstore, but in a sleazy, moldy smelling movie theater, and I thought, oh shit, I do not want to work here. I walked out on to the street and it was late at night in the quarter, cheesey guys saying stupid shit to me as I walked home.