Sunday, December 22, 2002

last night I was sitting in a hammock, on one of those classic shotgun house side porches, looking up at the sky, feeling the slight breeze, snuggling with my three year old, and thinking, wow, is this the life or what?
thank you alan & alexis & sofia & vivian for a rockin' good solstice eve party.
someone asked me a few days back if there are things I miss about living in mississippi. I was like, are you high? you know how many winter solstice parties I got invited to when I lived in mississippi? or how many friends I had whom I could invite over to celebrate with me? the answer is none, to both questions.
I am so glad that I moved here.
tonight we're having a few friends over to bake (more!) cookies with us, and to put the finishing touches on the yule tree. before bed we'll hang our stockings, and then I'll be up late making magic. Nash is right now forbidding me to go downstairs because he's working on a present for me, and he is very insistent on leaving some cookies for santa.

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