Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I cut liam's hair last night, at his request. he's been asking for a month, except that he'd ask but then he'd say that he actually wanted his hair to grow as long as mine. it was well on the way! but he became more sure after the bosotn trip. maybe this has something to do with the cough drop that got stuck in his hair while we were on the road.
it's his first short hair cut. although it's still long by some people's standards. it's sort of a curly version of christopher robin. it's lovely. but I am sad for the end of his being mistaken for a girl. I think being mistaken for a girl is good for a little boy, and vice versa.
and now that I think of it, I guess nash's first short cut was around this age, almost four.
I don't have any pictures yet, of the haircut. I still have no film in my camera! the buy film item on my to do list stayed undone the whole trip, so no boston pictures, nope, none at all. I hate that.
It's pretty clear that I'm not going to LA. mbd has THREE DAYS OFF in a row! because I was going. but now I'm not. but I am taking those days, thank you! oh yes. now what will I do with them? I wish our car was in better shape so that I could just send them - the kids and their father - away for those three days. dude, that would rock.

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