Thursday, June 17, 2004

oh, packing.

last night I packed all of the children's clothes and did the preliminary sorting of my own.

I still have to pack
books, tapes, cds
blank cds for dorie
camera and film
playthings like,
leap pad, tape recorder, batteries, sound effect recording magnadoodle, harry potter uno cards, dora the explorer uno cards, I spy snap cards, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, maze books...
snacks, vitamins
soap, calendars & zines for gifts

aside from packing, I have to
mail off bills and things owed to friends
consume all of the immediately perishable food in the house
get nash to and from kung fu class
give the kids a good scrubbing

... could that possibly be all?

I went to the bank already. to my doctor's appointment. washed all of the clothes. dyed my hair. bought my train tickets for july. made housing arrangements for camp. I owe my camp co-director a phone call, but that can wait for the train ride...

oh yeah, charge my cell phone!

we have to be at the station by 11. we have to leave the house by 10:30. I intend to bathe in the morning, so I'll set the alarm and we can have breakfast at home before we go. I will assemble the bulk of our stuff by the front door before going to bed tonight.

ah, this song is a triumph. "kid" by the pretenders. everyone needs this record.

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