Sunday, September 26, 2004

I have a little cold this weekend.
scratchy throat, achey head, sniffly nose.

so, I am missing all this good stuff:
diy dyke march t-shirt making party/le tigre listening party!
league of pissed off voters meeting!
caribbean dinner/dance fest at the uu church!

I'm cranky and annoyed.

on friday, we spent time with the kids around the corner,
my very kind neighbors who will be taking nash & liam
overnight while I get my groove back at the dyke march,
and we were taking about how much we kinda wish that
we were moving to seattle. except that I do love it here.
and the way that I love seattle is kinda stupid, I mean, it
was 1986 the one and only time I was there, but I stayed
for nearly a week and I loved it, god, it just amazed me,
that place. on the other hand, 1986 me thought it'd be
heaven to live in a crusty apartment in the center of little
five points in atlanta so, who knows... I'd be into having
yantra & sal for my neighbors, though, as well as rachel &
her collection of kids.
and of course, the way that I love new
orleans is kinda stupid, too. or maybe it's just that love is kinda
stupid. blind stupid. selectively blind.

meanwhile, I made this quiz, complete with typos. the cells and stuff aren't workimg, but you can cut & paste it into wherever you want to put it I guess.:

saturday, uh... six, I guess.
is there a movie that you watch to cheer yourself up when you're sad? does it work?
if you had to get it on with either bill pullman, jeff bridges or, uh, that other actor who looks like a cross between the two of them, (you now, he was in purple rose of cairo and something wild and possibly dumb & dumber) who would you choose?
what if your choices were karen allen, debra winger or blair brown?
what do you like to comsume when you have a cold, what do you eat or drink to feel better? does it work?
which of the following tv shows, that I have never seen, do you think I'm really missing out on, and why? the A team, the gilmore girls, sex & the city, the sopranos, green acres, dawson's creek, the simple life, survivor... that's all I can think of right now.
what would be the biggest hassle for you as a superhero?


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