Tuesday, February 08, 2005

laissez le bon temps rouller

I don't claim to know how to spell in french. BUT, hey, best mardi gras ever, at least, you know, so far, in my short but spirited career. my feet really hurt. and the heartburn, wow, I ran out of papya enzymes and having to do without them takes it to a whole nother level. but yeah, best mardi gras ever! nash and liam had the most visibly fun time they've had, yet, too. I can't wait to see the pictures (hint to the digital camera carrying friends)... I literally have blisters on my hands from pulling our wagon! next year, I think we need two little floats and some krewe emblem things to hand out. I am inspired!
ah, my fellow rogues, thank you so much for including me and my two small weirdos!
walking home from the marigny we took royal, and nash thoroughly got into the sport that is balcony bead catching. liam, not so much, but he had an umbrella so he was happily avoiding bead bombs. nash got so much out of the parading experience and then the balcony bead dodgeball experience that he did not even want to go to the truck parades! I cannot tell you how happy this made me.
so, we're home, we've had half assed baths, I'm washing and drying lots of laundry and then I have to PACK for tomorrow, hello texass.
tonight I have to pack and send a couple of work emails and make sure I have all of my flight info down and my fort worth friend's phone number and stuff.
tomorrow morning I have to take a real shower and wash my hair, and call the clinic for an appointment to check out my infernal internal woes, uh oh, will a catholic clinic be open on ash wednesday? I guess I'll find out. we need to leave for airport by 11:30 I think. I have nothing to read on the plane!
and tomorrow is the first day of the year of the rooster. may it be a year of more parading but less sore feet. a year of better shoes, perhaps.

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