Monday, March 28, 2005

everybody knows

moving is hell. even nearly a month later. it still sucks.

but, read this:

Seventh Annual Southern Girls Convention
June 17-19, 2005
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Southern Girls Convention is an annual grassroots meeting for
networking, organizing, educating, agitating, and activism, devoted to
empowering women and girls in the South and furthering the struggle
for social justice. Each year's convention is hosted by a different
Southern community and facilitated by local organizers. Past
conventions have brought together hundreds of folks in Memphis,
Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Auburn, Alabama; Athens, Georgia; and
Asheville, North Carolina.

This year's convention will be heading as deep South as you can get:
Southern Girls Convention invites activists from across the country to
meet in BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA on the weekend of June 17-19, 2005.
Hundreds of activists will meet for discussion, action, and
entertainment devoted to building pro-woman community in the South.

Southern Girls Convention is based around discussions, workshops, and
presentations which give participants the opportunity to share skills,
share ideas, discuss important issues, organize campaigns, and have
fun as a ommunity. All workshops are organized and facilitated *by the
participants themselves*--that means *you*!. Other events will include
a talk by Southern bi feminist musician MAGDALEN HSU-LI, an "un-shop"
swap meet, nightly music shows, and tables for participants and
organizations to display information, zines, art, and things they have

SGC also allows hundreds of activists from across the country to meet,
network, strategize, and organize in their efforts on behalf of social
justice. Feel free to bring video projects, zines, writing, and
anything you are interested in sharing to the convention.

Past workshops have included:

* Group discussions on fatphobia, abortion rights and access, radical
parenting, "100 Years of Revolutionary Wimmin," the criminalization of
women, "Queer and Trans Youth in the South," gender bias in schools,
sexism in the activist community, "Marginalization and Tokenization
within the Grrrl Movement," roles and strategies for boys in the
struggle against male supremacy, and "Radical, Southern, and All Fired
Up--Where Do We Go From Here?"

* Skill-sharing on radical cheerleading, community access television,
gun safety and self-defense, workplace union organizing, screen
printing, sexercises, Internet organizing, and how to start a
consciousness-raising group.

* Organizing meetings for campaigns from Amnesty International, the
Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and Planned Parenthood, and
state-by-state caucuses for people to meet fellow organizers in their
own area.

E-mail: SGC'05 Organizers:

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