Friday, May 20, 2005

bookish people's meme

from just about everyone, but especially kateadelle)

1. Total Number of Books in My House:
OK. approximately 700 plus 190 kid's books. I counted all of the kid's books and one section of my own, and then multiplied it by ten (as the total of equitable stacks or shelves is 10...).

2. Last Book Bought: I very rarely buy books. think, think, think. oh! when I was in brooklyn in january I bought The Lovely Bones for $3 because I needed train reading.

3. Last Book Read: I just finished uh... Termination Dust by Sue Henry. it's an alaskan mystery, the one with the trooper who is in love with the sled dog racer. or musher. whatever. I'm in the middle of What You Owe Me and also another alsaka mystery by John Straley, who writes the ones with the troubled, alcoholic private eye living in Sitka. I've always been romantically attached to Sitka.

4. Five or Six books I've Read That Mean a Lot to Me:
Crime & Punishment
Rubyfruit Jungle
Cat's Eye
Franny & Zooey
Harriet the Spy
okay, okay, I'll stop...

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