Wednesday, June 08, 2005

where the dykes are

I'm going to the queer film fest friday night, to see this program (description write-up by mags):

10pm: Where The Dykes Are - This is the buzz-worthy dyke program of the weekend, with "Michigan Fever" starting it off (about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - it still gives me goose bumps after repeated viewings), and "Where The Girls Are" (about the Dinah Shore lesbian extravaganza weekend) sandwiched in the middle. Both are great little short documentaries that are well done and engaging tributes to these humongous lesbian events. And then one of our programming coups of the weekend, "The D Word," a Dyke TV-originated spoof of The L Word set in Brooklyn, featuring more dykes who look like real dykes and an actual butch! Yay! Stars comedians Marga Gomez and Julie Goldman, who should be familiar to most.


I don't think I'll get home from work in time to go to the reception beforehand, or be in any way connected enough to get invited to an after-party, but input on what I should wear is always appreciated regardless...

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