Sunday, December 18, 2005

sunday morning blues

you know, it heals a little and then it gets ripped open and is raw and it hurts and I get angry at everyone, I want everyone to drop whatever they had planned and change their lives because that's what we've had to do. and when I say I want that I'm talking about an emotional response, I'm just emoting all over the place.

nash has this sore throat, his voice is gone right now, but no fever. 40% chance of strep the clinic doctor said. and to me, the herbalist wanted to know, do you have a tendency to swallow a lot of your feelings? and I feel like saying, ask someone else. I don't seem to know myself in that regard. I think I'm putting it all out there, all the time, but then folks often end up mystified.

I just ate some udon noodles in peanut sauce made from the grit recipe except for the ingredients I was missing (sesame oil, green onions) and with the addition of broccoli and I really like it. the kids hate it. this evening I'm going to try to make african peanut stew a la rowe camp. and cookies, loads of cookies. it's time.

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