Friday, July 14, 2006

go ahead and wreck your health

I kind of wish I was going to Jackson. I can't, I'll be heading north in just a few days, and have all of these other commitments, but check it out:

From: "Radical Women"

Dear Friends,

It is time for all feminists to come to the defense of the Jackson
Womens Health Organization! Women and men need to hit the streets and shout
out the words of Mississippi civil rights fighter Fannie Lou Hamer: Im
sick and tired of being sick and tired and denied reproductive justice.

A Radical Women contingent from four U.S. cities is traveling to
Jackson, Mississippi to take part in marches, rallies, forums and other actions
that Southern feminists have organized during the week of July 15-22. During
this time, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi will be under siege
by Operation Save America (OSA, the former Operation Rescue), with sup-
port from groups such as the homophobic, anti-woman Minutemen United.
Please join Radical Women in Jackson or lend your financial support...

the letter is long, but for more details, contact Radical Women via the info below

Anne Slater
Organizer, Radical Women
1908 Mission St., San Francisco CA

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