Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sick days are made of this

since we were all feeling somewhat crappy yesterday, liam helped me with this goofy exercise in self-absorption. it's pretty fun to make your little cartoon self bounce on a pogo stick or pull the sword from the stone...

this one is actually close to realistic - although all meez people are extra skinny.


Trula said...

That is too cute! I will have to check out Meez.

becky said...

Hi Colleen,
What beautiful quilts you made. I recognise one from Denise Schmits patterns. I love her stuff. I also love to quilt. I just completed a quilt with free motion quilting! I'm so excited to learn the technique and can wait to do more. I think I am presently working on 5 quilts and am ready to start more. Always dreaming of the next quilt. Anyway please keep sharing your lovely works of art.
Thanks for posting on the unschoolers list about the Lego Mindstorms class. It was wonderfully positive for my sons.
* I'm the mom of Elliot and Avery--they were the guys at the Lego Mindstorms class. I saw you in the airpot in Dallas. do you recall who I am? Take care.
Becky hill

super said...

hey becky,
yeah I remember you - I was so out of it when I saw you in the airport, I was having a hard time staying awake...
but what are these quilts you're seeing? I love quilts but I've never quilted...

becky said...

Hi Colleen,
Oh, dear. I thought these quilts were yours. I was browsing on your blog and I think it was under one of your interest titles (left column). I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how all these blogs work, I found this gal who quilts---thought it was you since it was on your blog. I feel a litlle silly. if i can find where I saw them again I'll show you. What is your e-mail---I believe I'm posting to everyone out there right now. Hope your Hogwart's Camp goes wonderfully. Looks like loads of fun. I daughter, 14 has lived in the world of Harry Potter now for 5 years. I think she's read the whole series multiple times. She's on pins and needles waiting for the next movie and book. She's floating on air right now beacuse Elliot finally decided he would take a look at it.
Take care.

super said...

ha, it's okay.
you probably mean small hands' blog - she's an amazing quilter.
my email is coleen at bust dot com.
would your daughter like to be one of the teen helpers at harry potter camp? or is it too far of a drive for y'all?
anyhow, email me!