Sunday, January 04, 2009

In 2009: Read More Zines

In case you've been cursing your lack of New Year's resolutions, I made one for you. If you're not already reading zines regularly, start now. If you are, expand your horizons with some new works. The two most beloved, thoroughly enjoyed zines in my life right now are The East Village Inky and The Nose Knows. Both are smallish, hand-drawn beauties loaded with humor and depth. I read each one cover to cover as soon as I get it.

I heard about the EVI early on in its ten year history (herstory?), and at first thought, how much writing about life in the East Village is relevant/intriguing for me, living on the edge of Cabbagetown in Atlanta and not likely to visit New York anytime soon? But it was, it was relevant to my life, consistently intriguing and unexpectedly inspiring, nudging me into the realization that my prior perception of zines as a movement powered by teenagers alone (and therefore off limits to newly thirty year old toddler-chasers like myself) was just, well, wrong. The EVI has consistently great recipes & book/zine/music recommendations, besides, and although I relate heavily to the agonies & triumphs of parenting described, there's plenty for the less parental to enjoy, too.

The Nose Knows is a newer find for me, I've only been reading it a year, although it's been around for a few. Published by a prolific foursome, each issue is a somewhat unpredictable brain-dump of words and pictures, relating to whatever is up with each writer, and although it jumped out at me initially because they're New Orleans based, don't let that deter you if you live elsewhere.

The EVI you can get easily via the website, but The Nose Knows takes a little more effort: send an email to nasalknowledge at gmail dot com and inquire. For each of them, if you're feeling splurgey, I enthusiastically recommend all of the back issues you can get your hands on.

I haven't made much noise about it, but Once Upon a Photobooth is also a zine, that I make, so email me if you'd like a copy: coleen at bust dot com. It's true life stories that start with photobooths, and also whatever else I feel like saying.

Finally, here is an update on the Don't Leave Your Friends Behind Project:

(from zinesters/photographers/authors/mothers Victoria Law & China Martens)

Don't Leave Your Friends Behind--work-in-progress zine #2

While amassing submissions for the handbook Don't Leave Your Friends Behind, China and I have made a work-in-progress zine of several contributio ns.

Zine #2 is 31 full-sized pages of stories, experiences and suggestions by both radical parents and their allies on building family-friendly movements, including:

*how theories on early childhood development support our arguments for anti-authoritarian parenting!

*organizing childcare at LadyFest Baltimore!

*providing childcare for children with special needs

*2 stories of parenting in collective households

*a children's crusade in Cambridge

*lessons learned from the mothers & children of the zapatista communities

Send $3 ($5 for two copies--you can give one to the ally in your life!) to:

V. Law
PO Box 20388
Tompkins Square Station
NY, NY 10009

Let's keep spreading childcare goodness to the masses!!
For those of you who missed it, our call for submissions (deadline: Feb 1, 2009) is here:

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