Sunday, September 18, 2005

happy birthday

to me... I'm 37 today. I was just looking at the new orleans indy media site and checking out these images of my neighborhood, and feeling really hopeful. I learned yesterday that my house is intact, and the power is on, but it means more to me to see that things, positive things, are happening nearby, and that there is work for me to do there, work that is within my capabilities.

yesterday afternoon when I heard jill, who runs the coffeehouse at alix & verret, on npr, talking about how she feels and what she's doing (cleaning up, sharing coffee), that also gave me a surge of hope but more than that it was just great to hear her voice.

it's not like I'm not still grieving, and it's not like I'm not worried about the way the after-aftermath might go, in terms of those of us with little to no financial resources getting nosed right outta town... but for right now it feels really possible to go home soon and do what I can.

not tommorrow! probably not next week at all. I'm cautious about the water and air situation for my children and myself. but soon. october feels very possible.

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Greg said...

Nice Blog, my thoughts out to you folks of LA