Friday, September 02, 2005


I want to say, to people sending letters, packages, positive thoughts:

it all really helps and I deeply thank you.

we are very fortunate and well situated in that we have a house in which we can stay indefinitely, we have electricity, we have clothes to wear, we have toiletries, we have food, we have drinking water.

we are, like most (all?) evacuees, without income, but we are applying for aid from the state and we are for the moment not in need, you know? I won't be afraid to say so if our situation changes, I promise.

but letters and packages are wonderful, they really brighten up the day for me, and especially for my kids. we are all feeling intense emotional strain and hearing from friends helps us with that.

so again, thank you. and if you have a pile of money, please give some to the red cross.

I can't even begin to express my feelings of disbelief, horror, rage and grief at what is still happening in new orleans and nearby. it is overwhelming.

friends, you can email me for my mailing address at coleen at bust dot com.

finally, if you are a fellow hurricane evacuee in the Natchitoches, LA area, or know someone who is, please email me.

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