Friday, October 15, 2010

time, time, time, see what's become of me

Middle of October already! It feels like I have to get a number of things accomplished in the next two-three weeks: Make the Mama Calendar! Get ready for the Bookfair! Choose a Halloween costume! Collaborate on a Voter Guide! And they all feel equally urgent...

For your part, you could move things along by submitting something for the Mama Calendar. Now! This weekend! The deadline is Monday.

2011 Call for Submissions! pass it around!

the 2011 Mama Calendar is getting underway! people, mothers, fathers, partners, kids, friends & allies, the mama calendar is what it is because of your words, pictures, dreams, visions, rants, raves, recipes, recipes for revolution. send me your best stuff, by October 18, to

the mama calendar coleen murphy PO box 741655 new orleans, LA 70174

at this stage, emailing in digital photos in the highest resolution you can get is the best choice. when in doubt, just send it! I'll see what I can do.

calendars will be available on November 6, 2010, in person at the New Orleans Bookfair for $10 a piece and via email & the US mail for $12 a piece, payable by check, cash, money order or paypal. advance orders are what make the calendar project possible. ask about wholesale pricing for orders of ten or more.

the mama calendar is a community building-consciousness raising resource by, of, about and for progressive, feminist, activist mothers and their families, friends & allies everywhere. it is a celebration and a call to action, a thing of beauty to last the year. edited by coleen murphy, the calendar features photos of mamas, babies, children, youth, dads, and friends, as well as a guide to mama-made zines, alternative parenting resources, recipes, recipes for revolution, great dates in radical mama herstory, and the work of numerous artist/activist/mamas. recent editions have featured ayun halliday, victoria law, jessica rigney, nina packebush, brendan flannelly-king, james smith, laurel dykstra, sonja smith, trula breckenridge, china martens, nicholas meyer and heather cushman-dowdee, among others. many others! maybe you!

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