Friday, November 19, 2010


I love to make cranberry sauce. I have nothing against the straight out of a can kind, I'll eat it and enjoy it, and I think it looks cute sitting in a bowl in its can shape, but making it at home is so easy, and it makes the whole house smell great.

I tend to glance at a few recipes for some basic parameters and then do what I want. This year I made a ginger-honey-apple juice version. I put in fresh, grated ginger as well as powdered, and a few shakes of cinnamon and cloves. I based my amounts of liquids on a recipe I found online, and I think the juice quantity was really too much - a cup and 3/4. It didn't gel like I'd hoped, but it is tasty.

I'll also make a batch of what I think of as the straight stuff: cranberries, sugar & water. For the non-spicy among us.

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Jen ( said...

I think the stuff in the can looks pretty when it comes out... until I start thinking about how animal food in a can looks like that, too. Ewwww.

But the cranberry sauce from the can does look pretty.