Saturday, April 26, 2003

I should have trusted my first instincts and stayed home yesterday... except that by going out with a fever I was trusting the instinct that told me that if I stayed in the house all day for the third day in a row I'd be miserable. so I was miserable at jazz fest instead.
not entirely miserable:
panorama was great, I never heard them with a singer before, she was amazing. new birth jazz band was fun. the alison brown quartet was nice, what we could hear of it. I enjoyed the last ten minutes of javier tobar. marcé et toumpak of Martinique was just so good and the parading plastic system band of Martinique completely blew us away. my favorite idiotic thing overheard for the day was, "martinique? where the hell is martinique?!"
but I felt rotten the whole time, overheated, dehydrated in spite of the fact that I was constantly drinking (pricey cups of iced herb tea), too nauseated to enjoy the food (crawfish cakes with remoulade), getting sunburned in spite of all my hard work applying sunscreen... cristina was rubbing sunblock on my back and some cheesy white guy leered at us, "well alriiiiiight, ladies!" as if we were verging on some serious girl on girl action.
I can't function when I have a fever, it's not unlike being self consciously drunk, I don't say much because I can't trust what may come out of my mouth. cristina ran into a friend and they had this long talk about bicycles and tricycles and I stood there, absorbed in the parade but also thinking about how much I want a big tricycle, you know, one with a backseat for the kids and space for some gear, oh my god, how cool what that be? of course I said nothing.
I wish I had worn a hat. my face is not badly burnt, and the tops of my shoulders fared pretty well, but I have painful strapmark burns on my back and chest. and I still have a fever, sore throat, assorted aches.
I wish I didn't have so much work to do. I let is slide all week assuming I'd be well by now, and instead I'm worse.

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