Wednesday, April 16, 2003

nash is singing a song that goes:

oh yeaaaaaah
ai yi yi yi yi
oooooooh yeah yeah yeah
steven fancy, ta da da, steven fancy ta da da
duh duh duh duh ta duh duh duh

now he's back to talking to his cars: nice work, carolyn ,but what do we do now? well the treasure is over here... oh no, where did you put the treasure? I thought it was right here... well you lost it now. oh bummer, oh shit. well anyway, let's talk about fighting.

I HAVE to get myself a small tape recorder.

now he's singing, over and over:
HEY, we're the rock N ro-o-oll!
(kind of ramones style)
and then:
chicken wing - yeah yeah yeah!
chicken wing - yeah yeah yeah!
like, 5 times at least.

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