Thursday, September 11, 2003

and now to take a moment to live in the moment, and experience these things: homemade iced chai, the air conditioning blowing just a little too cold (but in a really good way), liam making up his own harry potter stories (that's right, fan fic from a four year old!), nash continuing to dedicate himself for preparing for the life he will lead after he gets shrunk, and one more wordy quiz:

First bike: I had a tricycle when I was three, it was metal and I am pretty sure it was purple
First best friend: Melissa Merrill, fourth grade
First car: an 87 nissan sentra, red; it was mine from 93-97
First job: aside from babysitting gigs? when I was 15 I started my career in food service at GD Ritzy's in Fort Myers, Florida
First screen name: my very first screenname was my full name, first, last & initial, on the hip mama boards. I was clueless.
First self purchased album: the Beatles, Love Songs
First pet: I'm not sure if the puppy came before the kitten, but neither one lasted long. the kitten had to be given away after it gave me cat scratch disease.
First piercing/tattoo: I got one ear pierced when I was 18, and the both done when I was 20.
First independent home: I got my first apartment when I was 20, February 1988. it was a nightmare of rattan furniture, in a way that was not at all my fault. it was hideous and I hated it. I moved out in May.
First credit card: I got my first one late, which is a good thing, I guess. I got it when I was pregnant with Nash and a couple hundred bucks right away on maternity clothes.
First love: David in the first grade. he sat behind me, and he used to slip me pringles chips out of his lunch box during class. my second love (after david moved away) was later that year, and his name was either Kirk or Kurt. I got it wrong half of the time, but that's okay because he always called me Corleen. We played monopoly - I would help him with the reading parts and he'd help me with the math. It was a great relationship. Kirk/Kurt, where are you?
First enemy: no idea. I went to elementary school with a whole host of meanies.
First big trip: what is big? as a child, I went with my family to california (from florida) when I was 4 or 5. When I was 16, I went all the way to the USSR.
First play/musical/performance: I was maid marian in robin hood with my 2nd grade class, which consisted of 5 children. I was the only girl in the class. I had no lines.
Last movie seen: I went to see The Whale Rider yesterday afternoon. It was lovely and hard. I cried from the get go.
Last book read: I read all of Little House on The Prairie last night! for the first time in many years.
Last cuss word uttered: I have no fucking idea
Last beverage drank: iced chai with honey & soy milk
Last Food consumed: leftover evil jungle prince, using the east village inky recipe
Last crush: like I'm going to answer this
Last kiss: Liam Everett Vercouteren Murphy
Last phone call: my mother
Last TV. show watched: queer eye for the straight guy
Last time showered: I took a bath this morning
Last shoes worn: my painfully smelly mary janes with the studs
Last cd played: the bottle let me down
Last item bought: an obscenely large thing of popcorn at the movies yesterday
Last downloaded: an anti-virus and firewall thing that I don't entirely understand
Last annoyance: my back is still sore from falling up the stairs back on monday
Last soda drank: dr. pepper a few days ago
Last word written: "ago"
Last word spoken: okay
Last sleep: this morning I was able to go back to bed from about 8 til 10, which is a rare treat.
Last IM: last week or maybe longer ago than that... it was with max.
Last weird encounter: I have no energy for this question.
Last ice cream eaten: last week, I fiished off Liam's birthday ice cream in a root beer float.
Last time amused: this morning
Last time wanting to die: it's been since 1987
Last time hugged: this morning
Last chair sat in: my computer chair, which is really a dining table chair, wooden with reddish brown vinyl. it's technically my dad's.
Last shirt worn: I'm wearing a shirt today that pleases me very much. my mom put it on Nash the last time we were at her house, after he'd mushed bean burrito al over himself. it's dark blue with a big white women's symbol and it says, "womanstrength, womanpower, womandream" in small block letters with "Sonia" written in cursive in the center. I wonder if it's from some Sonia Johnson campaign.
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