Thursday, September 04, 2003

sure, I'll do this one again...

1 MINUTE AGO: I was looking at my library account info, reserving a dave eggers book, wondering what else to reserve
1 DAY AGO: sitting here procrastinating on all of the written work I have to do, just like I am now, and waiting for the west wing to come on
1 WEEK AGO: freaking out about getting the house clean for liam's birthday party, realizing that the washing machine was broken, struggling with getting my mamaphonic essay out of my head and on to the page/screen
1 YEAR AGO: recovering from liam's birthday & settling back in to work and life at home after the summer away, just as I am now.
I HURT: sometimes, just like everybody else
I LOVE: to have a whole stack of books waiting for me to dive in
I HATE: mortality
I FEAR: death and pain
I HOPE: that liam's prediction of living until he's 100 comes true
I LISTEN: to nash talk allllllll day sometimes
I HIDE: from my children by reading in the bathroom, sitting on the floor, when I've reached my limit.
I DRIVE: myself crazy with my procastination
I PLAY: the same elvis costello song (I turn around) over and over sometimes
I MISS: my grandma
I LEARNED: some kung fu tonight, from observing nash's class
I KNOW: I have issues
I WAIT: til the last minute
I NEED: my own place
I THINK: about writing way more than I actually do it
Current Clothes: black calvin klein boxer briefs and a light blue t-shirt that says: "Shelburne Falls" in glittery, gold letters.
Current Mood: anxious, tired, cranky
Current Music: two little snorers
Current Taste: dr. pepper
Current Hair: pulled back, but dude, I had it so big earlier tonight
Current Annoyance: I'm not saying
Current Smell: I can smell my hair goop, frizz-ease stuff
Current thing I should be doing: writing up the order of service for sunday and oy, so much other stuff
Current Desktop Picture: emily the strange (or is it emily strange?)
Current Favorite bands/singers: the breeders, big star, whoever does that "stuck in indianapolis" song
Current Book: I just finished "mom, murder & apple pie" an anthology of mysteries realting to all three topics. it was good in parts - I'm gonna send it on, though. I'm also reading the MamaPhiles zine.
Current Movie In VCR: it's empty. with the exception of my 10 PM west wing fix, the tv has been off all week, and will be til sunday afternoon, when the little buggers can watch themselves into a scooby induced coma
Current Refreshment: I'm about to go get my dr. pepper and some water
Current Worry: coming across as (un)professional and (dis)organized this weekend.
Current Crush: bah. no soild crush energy at this time.