Monday, December 08, 2003

I have $25 left for groceries or anything else I (or mbd) may need before saturday morning. we won't starve, but I hate that feeling of knowing that I have no easy out. I have to eat what's here. and no fancy gingerbread latte at my favorite coffeehouse for me when I take nash to kung fu. and no taxi to or from rosana's gig wednesday night - if I have no ride I just plain can't go.
I want to be able to save that $25 for friday morning's shopping trip of ingredients for cookie dough and maybe egg nog.

I sent liam downstairs to get a muffin, I told him they are in the plastic bag near the milk. he came back with stuff on his face and said he couldn't find them... a half an hour later I went down with him and he said, I couldn't find them so I just ate color candy powder. turns out he ate a baggie of colored sugar intended for cookie decorating - probably only a tablespoon in there, but still. I guess I'm just lucky he didn't go for the baggie of raw chicken.

I have to go the library to return videos. last night I fell asleep at 9 with nash reading to me. I woke up at 12:30 and watched happiness, because it is due today and I have renewed it 4 times already. what a painful, sad, ugly, disturbing film. great music.

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