Thursday, December 04, 2003

the temperature is dropping, fast, and I'm about ready to start baking cookies.
I'm getting excited about attending the bonfire on the levee.
the kids say they are ready to put up our yule lights on the front porch. I spent two hours at work making flyers for our winter holiday fair, and our mitten tree project. I cut and pasted many, many images of trees and logs other greens in use throughout history to celebrate winter's arrival and the return of the sun.
saturday night will find me coring 25 apples for the kids at church to use in the advent garden spiral.
so, yeah, except for the fact that I prefer "pagan-friendly atheist UU" as my religious descriptor, this quiz is pretty right on.

Deck the Halls
You are 'Deck the Halls'! Let's be honest, it
isn't Christmas you are celebrating, is it? In
fact, you know full well that there were no
shepherds in the fields in December, and that
the date of Christmas was put at midwinter
specifically to coincide with the older
celebrations of Yule and the birth of Mithras.
An unashamed Pagan, you take great glee in the
number of carols referring to holly, evergreens
and Winter's end, and will sing them with
gusto. You know where they really came from.
And you do enjoy the seasonal celebrations,
regardless of their name... A merry Yule to

What Christmas Carol are you?
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