Monday, January 12, 2004

In the interest of producing something coherent about my travels of last summer, I am trying hard to bring last june into focus. the trip to providence and boston. I remember everything about being in providence and boston, it's the drive I've lost. I remember eating "steak-out" take-out food in a hotel room. I remember listening to 8 accursed magic treehouse books on tape and loathing them all. I remember the construction back-up in NYC that cost us hours and earned me my mother's deep, burning resentment for acting like miss know it all with the map. I remember liam having to pee all through NYC and there being no place to stop. we stopped at that first exit that feels like you're out of the city, but you're not, you're still in the bronx, but it has a big shopping center with all of these chain stores and fast food and stuff and we went to pee at this little deli wherein some dude was screaming and going off when we first came in, and as I was paying for our snacks (I distinctly recall buying yogurt smoothies for the kids) the proprietress was telling someone, "it's the heat. everybody's goin crazy" and lordy, she wasn't half wrong.
I may have to ask my mother where we spent our nights - in hotels, yes,but to be more specific.
the drive back down I remember pretty clearly.

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