Friday, January 02, 2004

thing one & thing two

thing one:
last night, Nash was talking to his grandmother in NH on the phone, and I guess she asked or said something about bedtime (it was 9:30). he said,
"you know coleen isn't really like, (in crazy british sort of accent)'the children must go to bed propahly at bed time!' you know she doesn't beleive in sending us to bed until we're tired, she's like, (in crazy new york-new orleans sort of accent)'whaddaya wanna send'em to bed fah when dey not tiiyid - if dey not tiiyid dat doesn't make any sense!' because you know, I should tell you, if people send kids to bed when they're not tired, they'll never be able to get to sleep, it's just ridiculous!"

thing two:
Liam woke up around 6, crying and sat up to tell me, "don't you EVER take me to the hospital again, not NEVER ever NEVER." I said, OK, I'll try my best not to, and he went back to sleep after a few minutes.
at 8, the phone rang, and he woke up and said, "my dream was all about ANTS, and I was in mississippi and it was a giant ant pile and they were building their house but I thought they were just doing regular ant things so I went right in."

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