Friday, April 23, 2004

between the march on washington and jazz fest, no one's reading. and that's okay.
and while I am in texas attending a national unschooling conference on memorial day weekend, ladyfest texas will be taking place just an hour or two away in austin, and I'll miss it. and that's more or less okay, I mean, the rethinking education conference is all paid for, and not by me, and I have no resources for getting to ladyfest anyhow. I do hope I get to one someday.

this morning's ordeal went as smoothly as can be expected and I managed not to hurl. now liam is at my parents' house, with his former teeth in a little box for the tooth fairy and everything. he's feeling fine. my baby will be completely minus his top front teeth for the next few years - wah.

thanks to the tooth pulling fun, it's tv-positive day here at my house. thanks to that, I was able to finish my book, stone angel by Carol O'Connell, and it was delicious. soon I'll start the next one. I love to just tear through a series, to get so into a set of characters.

I made more curry. delicious. I think I have found my new staple.

tomorrow I am going to get a new PO box, at the copy shop next to nash's kung fu studio. I also have to go to work to get envelopes and stamps for a parent mailing, and swing by the store for canned goods to drop off for food for fines week at the library. after that I've promised nash that we will "do science projects."

it's so nice to eat something tasty. these three weeks (okay, tomorrow it will have been three weeks of full on anti-yeast eating), so much of the time eating has been a purely functional, er, function and I hate that. I love to eat. not just that, though - it is important to me to maintain eating as a pleasureable experience, I don't want to lose that, to get all depraved by deprivation.

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