Saturday, May 01, 2004

(this is from yesterday)
in light of the jazz fest rain-out, zack, who was visiting, has gone and all I have left of him are these dinner leftovers. I'll eat them later.
I went to work, and the bank, bought supplies for sunday and then went to the movies. I got there at 12:40 and so my choices were dogville, monsieur ibrahim and goodbye lenin. I chose goodbye lenin and found it sweet and sad and funny. the general scene at the theater was also funny - heaps of tourists here for jazz fest - it's pouring down rain and they are at a loss. the place was packed. packed out, dude, as they say.
there was a 15 minute popcorn delay while they popped more and it was amazing how irked some folks got over this. I just sat and waited. my fresh, hot popcorn was well worth it.
as I went in, a disgruntled couple was leaving in the middle of eternal sunshine, the guy was saying, "it's just not enjoyable!" well. as I left afterward, a couple was exiting dogville, the woman proclaiming, "it was horrible. horrible!"
me, I called zack and learned that he had gone ahead and hit the road. he doesn't like the rain. I walked through the wet quarter, dodging dumbasses with umbrellas. I went to walgreen's, also packed, and got hair dye, mane & tail conditioner, deoderant, new sunglasses and a copy of instyle.
here I am, dye on my head, um, some shade of auburn, I don't recall, by garnier. do they say cut then color or color then cut? well, anyhow, I washed, then colored, and then I'll deep condition and check out how much of the ends really need cutting. my goal is to cut as little as possible.