Monday, October 25, 2004

so funny I forgot to laugh

at the last minute, nash has chosen to be pee wee herman for halloween! I'm so proud. we got him a grey suit and white shirt... he still needs a red bowtie and what, white keds? and I want to make the helmet somehow...

he's going to walk his bike as a prop.

I am thinking posession of a digital camera should be required for admission to this halloween soiree I'm throwing.

meanwhile, we got liam a good hat and eyepatch for his captain hook. not that I've ever seen the captain with an eyepatch, but he wants one. he has this great cloth hook, I think it actually came from a happy meal last year when the new peter pan came out. we have an assortment of piratey things with which to embellish him.

and me, well, I had this moment of I'll be Miss Yvonne after all! or Dottie! but I couldn't find the right things for either of those ladies, so I'm kinda stuck with my cowgirl thing. which is FINE. I need a gunbelt.

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