Thursday, December 30, 2004

end of year meme frenzy

beginning with five, from someone...

1. food that you love that is far far away:
oh man. tom kar guy from Surin Thai in atlanta. linguine with pesto from that italian place in coral gables - Cafe Itallia? just about anything from that southwestern fusion place in atlanta, out on cheshire bridge... Sunset Cafe? Sunset Grill?

2. what are you doing tonight?
coughing. listening to Liam cough. making and drinking lots of tea. trying to make Nash & Liam and my own self feel better. watching napoleon dynamite.

3. and for new year's?
ha, more of the same! topped off by watching the fireworks from my window, unless I fall asleep.

4. and this weekend?
I foresee continued recuperation. I'll go to work on sunday morning, and then settle in for 24 hours of dread until my monday morning dental appointment.

5. happy new year's!
right back atcha

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