Friday, December 10, 2004

fa la la la la
so I've started my weird month of watching holiday themed/related movies. the other day we watched 8 crazy nights (ugh), and last night it was the shop around the corner ( lovely!) and then, after the kids were alseep, bad santa (great although with a dose of heaviness that I wasn't expecting). next will be the rugrats chanukah special! which is the only rugrats thing that I've ever enjoyed. aside from the watches, I mean. and then the cartoon network holiday dvd. watching the johnny bravo christmas episode has emerged as a holiday tradition for the kids and me over the past three years. it's amazing!
I have so far been unable to secure a copy of emmet otter's jug band christmas. this is devastating. I'm also looking for the pee wee's playhouse christmas special. no luck.
last night I watched hi life, another seasonal selection that I found by searching for films with "christmas" in the description... which makes me feel like the biggest of weirdoes... but I loved it, it starred some of my favorite people. watching campbell scott I realized he is who I wish had been the male lead in eternal sunshine. by the same token I'd have cast julie delpy in shakespeare in love.
we also celebrated last night by baking the season's first chocolate chip cookies. it was my first experiment with earth balance shortening: good, but a little more dense than crisco cookies. it's harder to stir and has a little bit of a smell before baking. but no trans fats! hey!
I'm looking up recipes for body scrubs and other stuff that I can make for gifts. brown sugar scrubs with ginger or vanilla. I'm into it.

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