Monday, August 25, 2003

I'm home, after all, writing from deep inside my air conditioned fortress.
just briefly, some high points of the trip:
thai food and anime with ethan, julie, phoebe & nate in providence; a relaxing, unschoolerish environment (complete with thai leftovers and anime) at lauren's in maryland; nash's good look at mars with our physicist friend in raleigh; jill and leah's samantha being old enough to let nash and liam know when she doesn't want to be carried around like a rag doll, and their brand new isaak (okay, six months old, but new to me) falling asleep in my arms; mark reporting that 40 is so far his best year ever; tallulah gorge in the pouring rain; hours and hours with old friends at the revamped playground in candler park; dinner at the heaping bowl, brunch at bang; sticker pictures at the eastdale mall in montgomery; taking a moment to be amazed that I once considered moving to montgomery; a sky full of stars as we crossed mississippi.

and what now?
a belated birthday party for liam, who turned four on the 15th. tuning back in to work, neighborhood friends, the unschool group. hastily putting my thoughts on something for the mamaphonic book on to paper. sending out zines that were ordered while I was away. unpacking.

jack and eliz on island
You are "Welcome to the Caribbean, love."
You're more than a little world-weary, but also
intelligent and you keep your head when things
get dodgy. You're everybody's favorite
drinking buddy, but your stubbornness does get
in the way sometimes.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
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right, I need to take my first opportunity to go see captain johnny put the swish in swashbuckle again. soon.