Saturday, August 30, 2003

from smallhands:

1. First Grade Teacher Name?
Miss Dawson

2. Last Words You Said:

3. Last Song You Sang?
I love rock 'n' roll... we were singing along.

4. Last Person You Hugged?
my FOUR year old

5. Last Thing You Laughed At?
last night I was laughing a lot at my two boys.

6. Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It?
I always mean it. I've said it to my kids sometime in the past few days.

7. Last Time You Cried?
nearly two weeks ago, leaving luke & nick's house in conway, massachusetts, saying goodbyes for a year or more.

8. What's In Your CD Player?
cat stevens, teaser and the firecat

9. What Color Socks Are You Wearing?
dude, it's august. no socks necessary here.

10. What's Under Your Bed?
beige carpet, lots of small books belonging to the kids, papers, toys, slippers, you name it.

11. What Time Did You Wake Up Today?
7:45 AM

12. Current Taste?
all I've tasted so far today is mentadent and lemon-lime emergenC. I've a mighty taste for a big brunchy breakfast with eggs, toast, potatoes, coffee and orange juice.

13. Current Hair?
it's down and loose, heavily conditioned because of the bleaching and dyeing in the front half, so although it was washed yesterday it's hanging kind of limply right now.

14. Current Clothes?
grey boxer briefs by old navy, cream colored pyjama top by voctoria's secret with long sleeves and little brownish flowers... I dind't buy either of these garments.

15. Current Annoyance?
my own procastination

16. Current Longing?
greasy food and lots of it

17. Current Desktop Picture?
my desktop is an emily strange cartoon

18. Current Worry?
money, war, money, work, lack of time/discipline to write

19. Current Hate?
that's a pretty strong word.

20. Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex?
the sexes are opposites?

21. Last CD You "Bought"?
I don't know what the quote marks aremeant to imply, but I inadvertently came home with a madonna cd belonging to one phoebe arnold westwood. I've been trying to decide of it's worthwhile to mail it to her. someone at camp went home with my royal tenenbaums soundtrack disc. harrumph.

22. Favorite Places To Be?
at camp. in a movie theater. in bed with a book. someplace that is not smoky and full of creeps, dancing (i.e., camp).

23. Least Favorite Place?
the hospital. the wic office. the police station. the health department.

24. Time You Wake Up In The Morning?
whenever the children decree that I must. typically between 7:00 and 8:00.

25. If You Could Play An Instrument?
piano. but I can't. I just like the idea of it. I'm more likely to pick up guitar.

26. Favorite Color?
black, red, silver

27. Do You Believe In An Afterlife?
not really

28. How Tall Are You?

29. Current Favorite Word/Saying?
you know. like. uh. dude. I feel like... or something... or whatever. yeaaaaaah, but: right on.
(these are not the ones I like best or whatever, but the ones I say most often. the one I like best is "right on".)

30. Favorite Book?
my favorite book that I've read recently is The Little Friend

31. Favorite Season?

32. One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To:

33. Favorite Day?
like, ever? my favorite day of the week is usually monday. it's a day "off" after an intense sunday. my favorite day of the year is often halloween or day of the dead/all souls.

34. Where Would You Like To Go?
st. petersburg, russia

35. What Is Your Career Going To Be Like?
very different from what I had in mind when I was 16. I am having trouble seeing myself in the US congress.

36. How Many Kids Do You Want?
aw, who knows. in a way, still 4 or 5. but maybe not.

37. Favorite Car?
I'd really like a volvo station wagon. I'd like whatever feels safest to me.

38. Type of Line You Remember From Any Book:
I remember scenes perfectly, and the lines inaccurately, like, when lane sees franny get off the train and she's wearing the coat she always wears and he's remembering the time when they were necking and he kissed the coat lapel as if it were an extension of her. or when raskolnikov is timing his departure from his room in such a way as to avoid running into his landlady because he has no money.

39. A Random Lyric:
was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me
he was a straight up racist
that sucker was stupid and plain
motherfuck him and john wayne

40. Identify Some Of The Things Surrounding Your Computer:
stacks of small slips of paper containing various phone numbers and/or email addresses; a half glass of apple juice; some AA batteries; computer speakers that barely work; a $1 token from the palace casino; ticket stub from X2; a card on which I've written my library card number for easy reference; a box of candles that I could stand to let rosana throw away.

the sunday brunch... a handful.

1. What food could you eat practically every day?
chai. fried spring rolls.

2. What is your least favorite food?

3. How often do you eat out?
I'm making an effort to decrease the frequency of getting take-out, partly because we can't afford it, and partly for my health. so, so far it's been a week - one week ago I had brunch at BANG in atlanta, and then had nasty taco bell on the drive home, in montgomery.

4. What does the inside of your refrigerator look like (i.e., well stocked with fresh food, lots of left-overs that have been there for a while or looks like Mother Hubbard's cupboard)?
it's a mix. no old leftovers because we just got back to town, and I threw all the nasty, old stuff (like two month old mashed potatoes) out the first day back. we're out of soy milk, though, and bagels, so it looks pretty bare to me. we have a lot of salad fixins including fresh beets.

5. Is there a combination of food you like that other people may think is gross?
nothing specific is coming to mind. I gamely tried the peanut butter bacon burger from yo mama's in the french quarter and while it was not exactly gross, it was awfully dry for my taste and I can't see having it again.
I like to dip french fries or chips into just about anything creamy: mayonnaise with horseradish is my first choice, but I'll take bleu cheese, plain mayo, ranch dressing, sour cream, yogurt garlic sauce, pretty much whatever.

1. Do you prefer to be the driver or passenger?
uh, the passenger. without a doubt, since I haven't driven at all since 1989.

2. When you drive somewhere, do you prefer to take the long way or quickest route?
well it depends, doesn't it? if it's a long road trip, I want the way to have some good stops, some scenery.

3. Do you have road rage?
not at all. how could I?

4. What is the longest road trip you taken?
from atlanta, georgia to skagway, alaska, in 1992.

5. What would your reaction be if you were driving and saw an animal run into the road?
is this supposed to be a trick question?

1. What type of movies do you most often watch?
the ones that come on my tv! or, ones that I reserve from the library and wait months for. my movie viewing decreased in a big way in 1997, so I have a long list of things I want to see. some of my most recent videos borrowed are amelie, ghost world, the royal tenebaums, memento.

2. What is the last movie you've seen in a theater?
pirates of the caribbean. arrrrr!

3. Which movie(s) can you watch over and over again?
pirates of the caribbean! well, I'd like to see it again, anyhow. things I've seen again and again and still love: metropolitan, tapeheads, local hero, this is spinal tap, repo man, the blues brothers, goodfellas, fargo...

4. Are most of the movies you on buy DVD or VHS?
most - nay, ALL of the movies I've ever bought are on VHS, yes, and from yard sales or thrift stores. they include kiki's delivery service and sesame street's bedtime stories and songs.

5. Are there any movies you wouldn't be caught dead buying but just can't help watching it whenever it is shown on television? If yes, please indulge us.
I have seen "never been kissed" on tv I don't know how many times now. ditto "the wedding singer."

How old were you the first time you drove?
I was 15 the first time I drove a car. I drove a front end loader around 12.

What was your first car?
1987 nissan sentra, red.

What was the name of your first date?
artis jackson

What was your first pet?
I had a cat named Fred when I was just turned 6. she gave me cat scratch disease and was given away.

Did you ever get caught the first time you drank or smoked?
did I ever. yes to both. I was 9 when I tried smoking, and 14 when I gulped down 5 rum and cokes and humiliated myself in front of my mother and her friends.

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