Wednesday, March 17, 2004

last night, before bed, the combination of watching velvet goldmine and a conversation I had with rosana made me crave david bowie, and realize that oh yeah, I DO have a bowie CD now - my friend zack sent me one back in september. I am so used to thinking that all of my bowie is on vinyl, it's just a habit of the past 8 years or so to assume that I never get to listen to him anymore. and how I love him, like nobody's business. so the kids and I, we danced to david bowie and it was awesome. they were hilarious, taking turns imitating my dance style - "look, coleen, this is what you look like!" "no, this is what she looks like!" - apparently, I look ridiculous, but that's okay.
when we lived in mississippi, partly because we had a total lack of social life, every single evening after dinner, we'd dance our asses off, nash, liam and me. I'm thinking we should reconnect with that tradition.

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