Tuesday, May 11, 2004

8:04 AM and I'm the only one awake.

my contacts are uncomfortable; I've been recycling the same pair since november.

yesterday I spent a ridiculous amount of time online, being unusually productive. I got major things accomplished for camp, for work, for my summer travels. I spent a lot of time on the amtrak website.

the kids and I now have a ride from DC to camp, so that we can take the train there instead of all the way to NY. this is excellent, because we had no good chance of a ride from NYC to camp, and the train trip from NY to albany was murder last year. so was the hour spent in penn station. to no longer have the fear of those experiences hanging over me, it's wonderful. I feel way less anxious about the summer in general.

BUT: I still need a roommate and a hotel room for long beach, and that's big, that's very big. I am trying to be hopeful about long beach but I fear that it may be the most difficult part of the summer. last year, boston sure was.

liam just woke up:
"I had a bad dream. a dragon ate me."

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