Tuesday, May 25, 2004

super size this

I went yesterday and saw super size me all by my lonesome.
I have to say I loved and hated it. I am constantly pissed and amazed at the inability of so many seemingly bright and creative folks to speak out against all that is evil about this culture of fast food and give me convenience or give me death and etc. without being hateful towards fat folks. homeboy skimmed right over some big issues - skinny middle school girls eating nothing but fries and soda for lunch, for example, and a comment about the diet industry being huge while pro-active attention to one's health is made difficult, but still he focuses a lot on the "obesity epidemic" business.


mcdonald's. when I was little, the closest mcdonald's was in downtown fort myers, 40 minutes from home, so we only went there now and then, and when we did, we'd squeeze the insides of the french fries out for my baby sister to eat. when we ate out, it was usually for chinese or pizza. or that mexican place near the beach. the split rail. I still recall their enchiladas.

when I was a starving teenager, I was all about subsisting on fries and a soda, or making one wendy's chicken sandwich last all day. in my teens and early twenties, it was a tradition for my friends and me to go to mcdonald's on new year's eve and gorge on fries. I'm not sure why. when I was 16, I ate at the mcdonald's in helsinki even though I was extremely embarrassed to do so, because all of the other restaurants in walking distance of our hotel were way out of my price range and it was hours until dinner. when I was 20, I ate at the mcdonald's on boston common once because I was so very over the painfully correct and critical group I had been stuck with for traveling companions, I was sick of their whining about food and so I went, I had a quarter pounder with cheese and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

watching the film nauseated me, though. I couldn't finish my popcorn. I came home and urged mbd to stop giving the kids chicken nugget happy meals. and I wish I had a live-in girlfriend who was a vegan chef, damn.

we went to whole foods this afternoon for some staples but also a few things for the trip to texas. so that we won't be stuck with so few non-junk options. nash asked me why healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food. lately he is very concerned about everything - is it healthy? is it okay for me to eat some not healthy things as long as I've eaten some healthy things? I am torn between feeling like it's good for him to have an awareness of nutrition and worrying that I'm making him neurotic.

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