Thursday, May 06, 2004

my neck. is so. sore.
my kingdom for a chiropractor. or a massage therapist. or whatever.

the kids are watching young frankenstein and eating chips and guac for dinner. we had a large meal at 4. this is the eating style I prefer.

it's unusual for me to blog more than once a day - I'm generally more of a once a week blogger - but today, I have to. I called up someone I'd met a few weeks ago at unschool group, well, we met online via a mutual friend, then met in person at unschool group for nash's birthday, and then made plan after plan to hang out... between her four kids and my two, something was always coming up to prevent our getting together.
last thursday, we finally met up and went to the aquarium, but everything was stacked against it being an enjoyable experience for us: there were at least four school groups having field trip days; three out of our six kids were irreparably cranky; and we encountered several pointlessly rude childless folks. my favorite of those encounters was the lady who announced with a scowl, as she walked past our group of howlers, "well, when you have too many, you can't keep them happy!" gee, thanks, ma'am. aren't you sweet.
our visit was cut short due to mass hysteria among the children, and today I realized a whole week had passed. I wanted to call her up to make sure that she knew I hadn't been scarred by the experience. the first thing she said was that she was surprised (relieved?) that she hadn't read about it in my blog!
nah, it wasn't that bad. I mean, it sucked! but I've been through just as bad. and at least it wasn't raining. and nobody puked. so there you go. we'll try again.

there is a gw bush coloring book exhibit at fair grinds (is it fair grind or fair grinds? anyhow, that coffeehouse by the fairgrounds) tomorrow night, but will I make it? probably not. and son del pantano is playing at the family friendly happy hour at the mermaid lounge, too. will I be there? highly unlikely.

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