Thursday, May 06, 2004

liam slept from 8:30 til 8. for which I am thankful. right before he went to sleep, he was watching kiki, he had thrown a massive hysterical fit on the walk home from the park and was worn out, wore me out to the extent that dinner was toaster waffles (organic! on sale!), and he said, "my belly is already asleep, and that means that I had better go to sleep now."

in the past couple of weeks he stopped calling me "mom." for which I am thankful. I hate to be called mom, by anyone. mama is not so bad, but mom I dislike. or the dreaded mommmmmyyyyy. ugh. I grew up calling my parents by their names and nash has always called me by mine, except for the mum-mum-mah of babyhood, and then, at just under a year, his first nickname for me of whooo-zat, caused by his father pointing to me each time they came to pick me up from school, asking the baby, "who's that? who's that?" but when we moved here, liam was just turned two and, for all of us but mbd, it was our first experience with total immersion in mainstream culture via the busy neighborhood playground. on the playground, every woman is mom or mommy. and so, by two and half, liam was calling me mom. mommy if he was scared.

I'm relieved that it's ended with no effort on my part. I think if he knew it bugged me, he'd never have stopped...

my neck is still sore, it has been for two weeks now. I am at a bit of a loss.
I'm sick of this.

we're going to target this morning. for more new drawers. and toilet paper, saline solution, and a bra. once the underwire has popped out of place and is poking you, it's hopeless, right? I mean, is there any chance for repair?

I am reading the almanac of the dead and the next carol o'connell thriller: crime school. I like the word thriller. I don't own the album, thriller, and never have wanted to. I think the song sucks and the video, too. although I do enjoy billie jean.

the kids are watching scooby-doo. later today, I am unplugging the cable. I have told them that after today, we won't have cable anymore. I have not told them that I am doing it on purpose - not that I made up a lie, just omitted some details. just said, well, after today we won't have all those channels anymore, but we'll still have pbs AND now that we have a dvd player, we can watch all kinds of great movies. and they are pleased. nash wants me to rent the sound of music! my strange little child. mister tough guy who loves musicals.

the cable is something we have for free. which is why I have never unplugged it, I always feel like, oh but it's free, we might as well... and at first I really enjoyed it, especially the TLC & food network shows. but I'm over them. lately all I watch is bravo and various movies. seems to me now that I can see whatever I really want via netflix and pbs. and the kids' addiction to cartoon network & disney & nick really drives me nuts. better the sound of music every day than that.

right now I have disc 1 of freaks & geeks, pete's dragon and tipping the velvet, which I am saving to watch with rosana in celebration of her first year of grad school.

when I'm finished with freaks & geeks, I'm going to discover six feet under. then I'll be cool. sure. hey. who needs friends when you have tv?