Tuesday, June 24, 2003

greetings from providence. it's "hot" (meaning, nothing like home, but not cold).
today the kids reverted to their normal schedules all of a sudden: liam up at 7 AM eastern time, nash up at 9:30. I was hoping the time zone change induced snoozing til 10 would last.
now that I finally got through all of my camp email, the muppet movie is over and I have no time to write lest liam destroy ethan & julie's home.
I hope I'll hang out with sarah & kristina today. I need to buy groceries. we've drunk up all the soy milk, eaten all the cheerios...
my sinuses have been killing me. so far, today is a little better, maybe thanks to the coldcalm stuff, I hope so, I hope for anything that will help without making me crazy.
I don't feel guilty about letting the kids watch a lot of videos while we're here, because liam is pretty homesick and familiar movies seem to help. he's acting out pretty badly. so, I do feel guilty for disrupting his life with this trip, but I don't feel guilty for letting him watch movies...
they've watch totoro the past two nights, and yesterday afternoon we watched spirited away.
we're all needing baths this morning, so that's my goal to accomplish before noon. uh oh, it's 11:51 and I'm still grubby.
the trip, the trip is a story for later. to sum it up, (delightfully) cold weather and bad food. rushed and stressful and bah. I love road trips. a bad road trip insults my very soul. I mean it.

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