Monday, June 02, 2003

yesterday we went to the zoo with the kids from church, and it was good, hot, exhausting, wet. my children are really only interested in splashing at monkey hill right now, and then getting something cold and sweet.
liam said something to me about peeing in the water, and we had a weird little conversation, but I thought it was just a spin-off from all the uptight parents who would walk past telling their kids, no, no, that water's not for swimming in, it's SO DIRTY... and one mom did loudly call it "pee pee water" as she dragged her little monsters away. so the next thing I know, liam is perched high upon a rock, peeing like a freaking statue, you know?
other than that he and his brother were pretty civilized and had a nice time. it's lush and gorgeous, but I miss the atlanta zoo, honestly. in spite of the total lack of splashing available there. I miss the gorillas and the ben & jerry's, the playground and the cheap-but-lovely carousel, and being able to walk there and go to the deli afterwards. but the deli is gone for good and it's likely that I could never afford to live in cabbagetown or grant park again anyway, not anytime soon, and I'm just angsty, I want my 1997 back, I want to do a better job of it, enjoy it more. you can keep 1998 and most of 99.
for weeks now I've been working on writing down my 1990s. it's hard. it hurts.

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