Wednesday, June 25, 2003

well yesterday took a real dive when I got hit by a two ton migraine. it was unreal. unreally awful. the blinding pain prevented me from noticing that my sinus situation is much improved.
today I feel good. only slightly sneezy. no eye watering attacks today, or yesterday.
still no luck finding a plane ticket to LA for $200 or less. I looked at expedia. I guess I can only keep looking.
I need babysitting for evening programs in boston and I don't know where I'll get it. saturday night is howard zinn, I don't think he'll appreciate liam interrupting him with loud assertions about how he doesn't want be there. sunday night is julian bond. friday night is dan savage. I need babysitting, dammit.
last night ethan made a wicked pad thai. I have been eating more healthily in this house than I have anyplace outside of camp for years and years. it's nice. although I'd say a big juicy hello to a cheeseburger right now.
sarah came over and took me grocery shopping. you know your migraine is bad when a 9 months pregnant toddler mama feels sorry for you. we replenished the stuff we've been super-consuming and got some pricey treats like cheese puffs, samantha juice shakes, that sort of thing.
tonight we're going to kristina's for a potluck-pool thing, nice. not that I'll be swimming, but the kids will love to. I think.
I think I am pretty much well. I look well. I was looking rough while we were on the road. no time to work conditioner through my hair, so it was a mass of tangles covered over by a mass of frizz. now it's lubed up and my skin looks a lot better, too.

I need to get back to looking for a ticket. but look, this is ridiculous:

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