Friday, June 06, 2003

I was sitting there at the playground, congratulating myself on a whole month free from migraines, when I noticed my eye felt a little dry, so I reached into my bag, pulled out a small, white bottle and filled my right eye with...
ear drops.
yeah, it really smarts. grapefruit seed extract and glycerine were not meant to be in my eye. it's raw and puffy, and I'm stuffed up from the constant tearing.
I need to stop carrying the ear drops around with me.
rosana and I went to the mall today for lingerie and it was so damn fun. forget victoria's secret, man, I am all about marshall's from now on. not that I bought anything today, but next time, that's where I'll go.
I need to work on on the zine I need to work on the zine I NEED to WORK on the ZINE.
but I made two new dolls instead! heh. a night owl doll and a dressed for going to the movies doll. I wish they had pyjamas like mine own. I wish they had one with blue flannel men's pj bottoms and a faded black aerosmith shirt from 1989... or flowery boxers and a holey pink REM shirt from 1987... or a shorty set with little fruity cocktail illustrations all over it...

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