Thursday, January 23, 2003

details of NY trip are coming soon as I get rested, caught up and what have you...
meanwhile: liam and I have had some great conversations this morning.
upon waking:
liam: mama, I'm happy to be with you
me: mmm, me too
liam: I sure missed you
me: I missed you, too
liam: but I'm your baby cockroach, mama!
me: hmmm...
and later,
liam: mama, I always want to be a princess
me: okay, great
liam: but first I have to be in shrink
me: oh?
nash: he means SHREK
me: oh, right, shrek...
liam: shrek shrek shrek!!!

right now he's finding imaginary scrapes with which to use his fancy korean bandaids that I brought home from the city, and nash is watching zoboomofoo. this morning, nash told me that 3 + 3 is 6, and he also used the word "nor" correctly in a sentence. whoo! what a weirdo kid.
our kitchen is fairly bursting because my mom took the family on a sam's trip. we have like, unbelievable quantities of toilet paper, butter, juice boxes (which I generally avoid), what have you... best of all: tortellini, my favorite!

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