Sunday, January 26, 2003

this is the most entertaining quiz I've experienced, period. makes me wonder if everyone gets the hobbit answer... did I get it just because I indicated that I love to eat. I will say, bilbo's house always sounded nice and cozy to me.
When You Grow Up...(If you grow up..)

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Maybe you should be a hobbit. You know... a cute little hole-dwelling creature with a great knack for good times and fundamental life necessity living style. You grew tired of peanut butter and jam in grade school and began making your own gourmet-paper-sack lunches in about third grade. A good time to you would be rolling down a nice grassy hill. Or having.... second breakfaaaaasssttt! (If you have trouble saying that term, or hearing it, you are not a hobbit. Go back and take the quiz again.) Film to Rent Tonight: You're kidding, right?

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