Tuesday, January 28, 2003

this or that
January 28, 2002: Same Thing, Different Names

1. Kleenex or tissue?
it depends. usually tissue.
2. Soda or pop (or tonic or whatever)?
soda! although most folks down here say "coke."
3. A sandwich on a long roll: sub or hero (or hoagie or grinder, etc)?
could be a po'boy or a sub, depending on the consistency of the bread.
4. Glasses or spectacles?
glasses. who says spectacles?
5. TV or television (or boob-tube, or telly, for our friends across the pond)?
both. all four. and let's not forget The Box.
6. Movie or film?
well you might have a john hughes movie, say, as compared with a roberto begnini film...
7. Sofa or couch?
couch. and never a chesterfield.
8. Stove or range?
9. Remote control or clicker?
oh both! often referred to as THAT THING.
10. Supermarket or grocery store?
also both. do I talk funny?

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