Saturday, January 25, 2003

a quiz of threes from living nappy:

three things that scare me:
Anything happening to my children, death, driving a car

three people who make me laugh:
nash, liam, rosana

three things i love:
books, clear weather in the mid-fifties, dancing with my kids

three things i hate:
violence, weapons, brussel sprouts

three things i don't understand:
weapons enthusiasts, women who love eminem, blind consumerism

three things on my desk:
I wish I had a desk besides my computer desk. what's on it: my computer, many scraps of paper containing various addresses I've jotted down, reciepts I'm saving as reminders of recent trips

three things i'm doing right now:
half listening to "discovery kids" shows, cruising my email, getting bundled up for a walk to the library

three things i want to do before i die:
see the whole world, write about it, see my children grow up

three things i can do:
think, write, speak clearly

three ways to describe my personality:
clear, decisive, moody

three ways to describe my looks:
pale, lots of dark hair, 5'4"

three things i can't do:
drive, any kind of math under pressure, catch a ball without flinching

three things i think you should listen to:
children, The Bottle Let Me Down cd, michael moore

three things i don't think you should listen to:
misogynist rap music, the bush administration, dr. laura

three things i say the most:
like, okay, oy vey

three of your absolute favourite foods:
tom kar gai soup, spring rolls, hot wings

three things you'd like to learn:
how to confront bigotry without being hateful, how to focus and write in any environment, how to speak Russian fluently (instead of haltingly like I do now).

three beverages you drink regularly:
water, chai tea, soy milk

three shows you watched when you were a kid:
Sonny & Cher, Donny and Marie, The Six Million Dollar Man

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